Daniella Campbell Takes Over as Group CEO of PAC Group and Introduces New Web Presence www.pacanalyst.com

Daniella Campbell Takes Over as Group CEO of PAC Group and Introduces New Web Presence www.pacanalyst.com

Munich, October 2023 – Daniella Campbell, who earlier this year took on the role of Group CEO of PAC, a leading analyst and consulting firm, now officially presents her vision and innovations for the company. This follows a successful fiscal year for PAC, which plans to expand further with new offerings.

Since its establishment in 1976 by Pierre Audoin, PAC has been a stalwart in the IT industry for market research and strategic consulting. With regular reports and analyses, PAC has contributed to transparency and knowledge growth in the dynamically expanding tech sector. Daniella Campbell, who has been active within the group since 2017 and previously led the business in Germany, has significantly contributed to a 12% increase in sales in the previous fiscal year.

“We prioritize accuracy and up-to-date information and provide unparalleled insights and recommendations with our proven bottom-up method, which encompasses thousands of interviews and surveys annually,” emphasizes CEO Daniella Campbell. “Our commitment to innovation and the continuous updating of the PAC reference model has kept us at the forefront of the industry. With these services, we will continue to shape the performance of software and IT service providers in the future”.

Under Campbell’s leadership, PAC will broaden its research topics to cover areas such as artificial intelligence and sustainability. PAC’s regular RADAR reports provide IT and business decision-makers with valuable insights, assisting them in selecting the best IT service partners. Additionally, Campbell plans to expand the community with annual networking events in Paris, Frankfurt, Munich, and London in 2023.

“We are committed to continuous innovation, evident in the latest version of our SITSI® platform, which boasts a modern and collaborative design,” adds CEO Daniella Campbell. “Furthermore, we are delighted to announce the launch of our new website www.pacanalyst.com. While this innovation brings in a fresh digital presence and new e-mail addresses for our communication with clients and partners, the established PAC brand remains unchanged. It continues to symbolize trust and quality in the IT services industry.”

Interested parties are invited to visit the updated platform and the new website at www.pacanalyst.com.

About PAC:

Pierre Audoin Consultants (PAC) is a content-based company with a consulting DNA. Since 1976, PAC has delivered focused and objective responses to the growth challenges of software & IT service vendors worldwide. We are the preferred partner for European software and IT service companies to define their strategy, strengthen market share, optimize GTM, and help position their thought leadership. PAC is proudly an analyst-led consultancy spread over multiple locations across Europe. We cover market research for over 30 countries worldwide, delivered through our portfolio pillars Guidance, Insights and Visibility and our renowned research platform SITSI ®. For more information, please visit www.pacanalyst.com

For further information or queries, please contact:

Felix Jones – Marketing Manager

Latest News

Meet us @ VivaTech 2024

May 22-25, 2024, Paris, France

PAC will be at VivaTech, the world’s rendezvous for startups and leaders to celebrate innovation!

Vincent will be speaking alongside Konverso on Thursday 23 May from 2.30pm to 3.20pm (HALL1 BOOTH J33).

Who will be there:

Vincent Malka, Managing Director PAC France
Vincent Malka, Managing Director PAC France

PAC Analyst Hot Takes 2024 – Cloud market outlook

Check out this week’s episode of PAC Analyst Hot Takes, where our Senior Analyst, Eric Beaudet, delivers a comprehensive cloud market outlook.

Gain valuable insights into the impact of cloud services on market dynamics and growth rates, specifically in France.

Schedule a meeting with Eric Beaudet to dive deeper into this topic.

More news from PAC

Valérie DELAGE joined PAC as a Senior Consultant & Advisory Development

We are pleased to welcome Valérie Delage, who joined us on the 1st of March 2024 as Senior Consultant & Advisory Development in the PAC France team. She will also manage additional responsibilities at the group level (transversality, global account management…).

Graduated as an engineer of Télécom Paris, Valérie has dual experience in Consulting and Corporate. She started her professional journey at PAC and spent most of her strategy and management consulting career with Capgemini Consulting. Then, she integrated CANAL+ Group, where she was successively the customer Relations transverse project manager, broadcast operation director, and digital project director.

At PAC, she will mainly handle strategic consulting missions such as Strategic positioning, Go-to-market, Commercial due diligence… In our Software and IT Services Industry (SITSI®) research program, she will oversee the data and digital experience domains and the manufacturing vertical sector.

Welcome to Valérie!

Facing the mega-trends and the transformation and adaptation challenges of the businesses, PAC is resolutely committed to supporting the digital ecosystem with a holistic and objective vision that enables closer collaboration between business/IT decision-makers, suppliers, and the institutions that influence the future of the digital sector in France and Europe.

To achieve this objective, PAC invests in consulting talents, strategic partnerships, and disruptive technologies like GenAI to serve its clients better and leverage digital to a more strategic level.

Vincent MALKA, Managing Director PAC France

Meet us @ ChangeNOW 2024

March 25-27, 2024, Paris, France

PAC will be at #ChangeNOW2024, the largest event of solutions for the #planet, alongside 35,000 other #changemakers, to represent PAC today and tomorrow!

On the agenda:
👉1000 innovative solutions to explore
👉200 conferences and workshops
👉400 speakers to get inspired by

We are looking forward to meeting in particular #Software and #ITServices providers engaged in #Sustainability.

Who will be there:

Valérie Delage

Meet us @ SAP Innovation Summit with DXC

April 16, 2024, Böblingen, Germany

Save the Date for the SAP Innovation Summit with DXC!

In today’s business environment, the need for speed is imperative. Innovation is the new normal. DXC Senior Leadership and experts will be there and are excited to engage in conversation sharing case studies demonstrating how DXC drives innovation for our customers. Whether you are interested in SAP RISE services, next generation application development and management services, DXC offers solutions to assist your enterprise. 

Their interactive agenda includes Customer Success Stories, SAP Showcase Zone with live demos, interactive displays, solutions discussions and “Ask the Expert” sessions with DXC and DXC partners.

Join us on April 16 in Böblingen and you will also hear from Pierre Audoin Consultants (PAC) representatives on why they rated DXC as “Best in Class” in their 2024 report on leading providers of SAP Applications Services in Germany and Europe.

For more information, here is the Agenda and the Registration Form.

Who will be there:

Stephan Kaiser

PAC Analyst Hot Takes 2024 – Addressing AI inbreeding and multi-hop AI

Our PAC Analyst Hot Takes 2024 series is back after a short break. In this episode, our Principal Analyst, Spencer Izard, discusses the topics of AI inbreeding and multi-hop AI. 

Watch the video to learn more about the consequences of Generative AI. 

Schedule a meeting with Spencer Izard to dive deeper into this topic or other related items.

You can find more information about AI on SITSI.

Navigating the IT-Services Horizon: Market Updates, Top Providers, and SAP Insights Webinar

Watch our webinar on the latest updates in the IT Services market with a focus on SAP advancements.

Speakers & Topics

Christophe Chalons | Chief Analyst PAC

  • Current Software & IT market dynamics.
  • Top 10 IT Services providers worldwide.

Joachim Hackmann | Head of BAS Practice

  • PAC’s RADAR Leaders in SAP Services in Europe & Germany 2024.
  • PAC’s take on SAP’s Business Technology Platform (BTP).

Frank Naujoks | Principal Analyst

  • Analysis of SAP’s AI offerings and strategy.

GenAI: garbage in – garbage out?

GenAI is slowly arriving in the business environment, driven by Microsoft’s Copilot and SAP’s Joule, among others. The underlying large language models need training data – ideally from the company using them, of course. And this is where it gets interesting: how good is the quality of the data used? Master data management is probably one of the most unpopular topics within companies, and standardizing and keeping data clean is a mammoth task. Accordingly, companies should critically ask themselves how much data really remains at the end of the day that is accurate and relevant to feed the corresponding GenAI models.

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Photo of Franck Naujoks, our Senior Analyst
Frank Naujoks

Meet us @ Les Universités du CRiP

June 12-13, 2024, Palais des Congrès, Paris

Second edition of the “Universités du CRiP” devoted to The evolution of IT solutions in the era of Generative Artificial Intelligence (GAI).

More information about the event & registration

Who will be there:

Vincent Malka, Managing Director PAC France
Vincent Malka, Managing Director PAC France

Broadcom – to streamline their security portfolio

Broadcom’s Rob Greer, Vice President and General Manager of the Enterprise Security Group, announced in a blog post the merger of Symantec, which was acquired by Nortonlifelock in 2019, and Carbon Black, which was also acquired by VMware in 2019 under the roof of Enterprise Security Group. Symantec’s portfolio focuses on data and network protection, while Carbon Black’s “complementary portfolio” specializes in endpoint detection and response and application control. 

Greer promises in his blog that Broadcom will invest in the technology, support, research, and development of both brands. “The Symantec and Carbon Black product portfolios will continue to operate in their current state for the near future.”

PAC expects that the two portfolios will not be offered in parallel for long and that the investments will go in particular into a joint platform that enables customers to secure their hybrid cloud. The associated streamlining would be typical for Broadcom.


Wolfgang Schwab

Navigating the complex landscape of the Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive in 2024

The Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive will impact EU companies in 2024. As they prepare for compliance, it’s not just about ticking boxes – Europe’s ESG ambitions bring additional regulations. The Corporate Sustainability Due Diligence Directive, and the ban on products made with forced labor, add layers to environmental and social sustainability rules.

With the threat of fines for non-compliance, the European Commission is using a carrot-and-stick strategy. New legislation poses risks, but responsible consumption initiatives nudge companies toward sustainable practices.

While some 12,000 EU companies appear to be directly affected, the ripple effect through supply chains is significant. Suppliers complying with EU regulations, while not required, extend the impact. With an average cost of €80,000, small businesses may struggle financially and resource-wise.

IT software and service providers, seize the opportunity! In the ERP software space, portfolio alignment is key. EU requirements demand homework – alignment with SME needs is critical. Automating data collection, analysis and reporting can simplify the compliance process.

Sustainability is data-driven. Navigating the complexity of data is a challenge for multinational companies. Software solutions play a critical role in aggregating and streamlining this process, ensuring a central repository for compliance.

Read more about the topic


Photo of Franck Naujoks, our Senior Analyst
Frank Naujoks

Meet us @ HCLTech Advisor Day 2024

March 27-28, 2024, London, United Kingdom

We hope to meet you at HCLTech Advisor Day, to the exclusive session for the French Advisors Ecosystem about Cloud and Gen-AI. It will take place on March 27th, 2024, at HCLTech Cloud Native & AI Lab in London. We will be dove into the HCLTech offerings on Cloud and unveil their unique propositions on Automation & GenAI.

This event will help you understand HCLTech vision and offerings on cloud services operation and will also allow you to explore the cutting edge work that HCLTech Cloud Architects are doing to enable GenAI/ML features resulting in tremendous benefits to enterprises.

More events where we are present

Who will be there:

Eric Beaudet